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WRAP Protocol Liquidity Pools

Can you confirm how many $Wrap tokens will be distributed in the Liquidity Mining program each month?#

It's not a monthly distribution: ~900k WRAP tokens will be sent to a smart contract on which people will be able to stake their LP tokens. Based on how long they stake and how many LP tokens they've staked, they can withdraw their rewards anytime. Rewards are computed block by block.

How will the distribution to each LP be provided?#

The distribution of the ~900k WRAP tokens in the Liquidity mining program will be pro-rated to each user by the amount of liquidity provided and how long they staked.

For how long do I need to provide liquidity to be eligible for mining rewards?#

At least one block! Remember, you need to provide liquidity AND stake your LP tokens. The longer you stake the more rewards you get.

When can I provide Liquidity for other token pairs?#

Anytime you want!

When would you have a liquidity program for $WRAP on other DEXes other than Quipuswap?#

We'll only apply the liquidity mining program on Quipuswap for the moment as it is the most used AMM on Tezos at the moment

What is the process for providing liquidity for wTokens?#

  • You go on
  • Click on Invest
  • If the liquidity pool exists, select the wrapped tokens and provide liquidity

You may also find this video about providing liquidity on Quipuswap helpful

Can I provide liquidity for other wTokens?#

Yes! You can provide liquidity for other wTokens. To get started adding a new liquidity pair, please visit this handy guide

Do I still earn $WRAPs rewards and get a part of wrapping and unwrapping fees after providing liquidity with my wTokens?#

You will receive $WRAPs for wrapping - these are called wrapping rewards.

Staking $WRAP tokens qualify you to get a share of wrap and unwrap fees - these fees are paid out in wTokens.

When you provide LP with your wTokens, you will not be eligible for a share of the fees but you will earn LP rewards.

Why are my Liquidity Provider rewards fluctuating?#

Liquidity mining rewards are calculated on a pro-rata basis of the amount of liquidity you provide to the pool relative to other users providing liquidity to the same pool. Liquidity pools will constantly fluctuate with people adding/removing liquidity, and thus, the percentage of liquidity that you provide will fluctuate as other users add/remove liquidity to the pool. The change in the percentage of liquidity that you provide is the reason for the fluctuation in the LP mining rewards that you get.